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Different faces of Private Investigations and Ways To Protect Yourself On The Job

The Different Faces Of Private Investigation

If you have a penchant for getting the thrills out of life, private investigation is just the right job for you. Private investigation can be an exhilarating job for those who want to throw out the dregs of boredom from their lives. The beauty about private investigation is that you can’t be restricted to the execution of a singular service if you don’t want to be. The many faces of private investigation provide the private investigation aspirant with several options of cases to investigate. The faces of private investigation are:

• Homicide: There are some private investigators that specialize strictly in the solving of homicide cases. The high rate of murder crimes has given some private investigators the motivation to venture into solving murder cases. If the sight of dead bodies and blood doesn’t faze you, then homicide may be a branch of private investigation for you.

• Missing persons: You may want to specialize in looking for people who have disappeared from the face of the earth without a trace. Missing person is perhaps the second most common service offered by most private investigators.

Surveillance: A service offered by private investigators is surveillance. Surveillance is a service that entails keeping a close eye on a subject for varying reasons. You may be asked to follow someone to protect them or to catch them in the act of something. Surveillance is used to obtain vital information that can solve a particularly pendulous case.

• Cheating spouses: One common service rendered by private investigators is getting confirmation about whether a spouse is cheating or not. Under this service, the private investigator aims to produce photographic evidence.

• Background checks: Private investigators are usually hired to look into the past of an employee, an aspiring nanny or a tenant for the purposing of verifying information. A background check gives the client the chance to place trust in the person being investigated.

The job of a private investigator is usually discreet and precise. If you aren’t either of these two, forget about being a private investigator.

Ways To Protect Yourself On The Job

The glamor associated with private investigation as shown in the movies is overemphasized. The glamor that comes with private investigation is minimal, compared with the risks that accompany it. As a private investigator, your job demands a certain level of invasion that the subject may not appreciate. Some people may be unhappy at your attempts to solve a case and will ultimately decide to be a threat to you.

1 of the reasons you need to learn how to protect yourself if you are a Private Eye.

Many private investigators have lost their lives in the course of trying to do their job because they stepped on the wrong toes. There is a great deal of danger attached to being a private investigator that you should be aware of. Private investigation schools are aware of the inherent risks that accompany the job hence the inculcation of protective lessons in the curriculum of training.

In essence, you will be taught how to protect yourself while on the job as a private investigator. The following are some ways that you can protect yourself from danger while investigating particularly sensitive cases:

Yawara-bo: This is a protective tool that is shaped like a flashlight or a ballpoint pen. The yawara-bo is used to apply pressure in certain parts of the body to immobilize an attacking

person. The pressure applied with this tool is used with jiu-jitsu techniques. The beauty about this weapon is that it is so small it can be neatly concealed to give your attacker the impression that you are unarmed thus giving you an edge. If you don’t know how to use the yawara-bo, don’t fret. At your private investigation classes, you will be taught how to use it.

• Marital arts: You can disarm an attacker with properly executed marital art techniques. Karate and judo are excellent self-defense techniques that can protect you while you are on your job. At a private investigator school, you will be taught these self-defense techniques.

• Pepper spray; A can of pepper spray can give you a few minutes to gain an upper edge over your attacker. This weapon is useful with people who haven’t quite got any self-defense technique mastered yet.

• Stun gun: A stun gun is a weapon that delivers a voltage of electrical currents that can deaden nerves temporarily and immobilize an attacker. A stun gun is also concealable and can be used in situations where a quick get away is needed.

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