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    Preconceived notions that are flat out not true about private investigators in Long Island

    When you say private investigator, you almost always think about Sherlock Holmes, Magnum PI or maybe even Jessica Jones if you are a Marvel fan. They are portrayed as bad-ass, no nonsense individuals, some living the glamorous lifestyle with an abundance of technology at their fingertips. Solving crimes comes easy to them and they can seem to do whatever they want, even break the law. However, real private investigators are not as lucky as their tv & film counterparts. There are rules that need to be followed and you just can’t go hacking into computers and shooting people at will. In an effort to dispel any other misconceptions, here is an inside look of what a private investigator can and can’t do.  

    Access to nonpublic information.

    Private investigators cannot access private, confidential documents and records. They are not the Police, CIA or the FBI. They don’t have the authority to do it. They can however, locate WHERE the information might be, this is helpful to give you leverage in a case or simply to provide info for future warrants and subpoenas. Some private detectives, since they are usually ex law enforcement, still have contacts inside various law enforcement agencies which can help them get the information they need.

    Listening to private communication on phones.

    This happens a lot in movies and television, you see a private eye just casually bugging a phone and listening in, this is not true. In many states, the law outright prohibits this. Again they are not Law Enforcement, only they have the power to do this. If they gather evidence this way, it might not be admissible in court. This would benefit no one.

    They drive really fancy cars

    Just because you read about this in books and see it in movies and television. It doesn’t mean that it is true. It is a fact that most private eye’s are living normal lives. Also, if they do love driving in fancy cars, it would make no sense, as it will most likely attract more attention. As a private eye, you want to be as discreet as possible, especially when doing surveillance.

    They wear trench coats and deerstalkers.

    Yeah, nobody wears deerstalkers, and it is not part of any private detective uniform. Only Sherlock Holmes wears these. Trench coats, possibly, but they wear what normal people wear to work. Also they need to be discreet, wearing deerstalkers is not discreet. 

    Have access to private bank accounts.

    Let’s just make this clear, private investigators don’t possess a magic key that can open any bank or investment accounts and have no legal authority to access them. All bank accounts are private and protected. The Right to Financial Privacy Act specifically prohibits institutions from disclosing bank records and account information without the following:

    • Customers written consent
    • Subpoena
    • Search Warrant
    • Court Order
    • Other formal demands, with limited exceptions

    Have access to private credit information

    Without notifying the individual who owns the account, private detectives cannot access any credit information. The FCRA or Fair Credit Reporting Act, limit how an individual gains access to credit information of another individual.

    The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law that regulates the collection of consumers’ credit information and access to their credit reports. 

    They give you “comprehensive background reports” that you can easily purchase online.

    While it is true that you can purchase these types of background reports online for cheap. Information on these reports are usually just info that are publicly available online that are compiled by a machine. These computer generated reports are not as good, or detailed as one that a seasoned private investigator can give you. When a private eye gives you a comprehensive background report, they do mean comprehensive. It’ll include almost anything you can or didn’t think of including hidden criminal records.

    Now that you are aware of what a private investigator can or can’t do, it’ll be easy to separate fantasy and reality. You can now be realistic on what you can expect out of them should you, in the future, need their services. Private detectives in Long Island offer a wide variety of services, and some are not being portrayed in tv or in the movies at all. If you are in a situation that you think you need help with, try calling up a private investigator. You’ll be surprised at how much they can be of help to you. 

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    An Expose About Private Investigation

    It surely doesn’t matter whatever information you are looking for is, in relation to “Private Investigation”, I’m convinced you’ll find the following article helpful. The above piece and even many others on this website are especially valuable for any individual concerned with terms related to “Private Investigation”, even if the queries are “Private Investigation Criteria”, “Jobs For Private Investigator” or even “Private Investigators Tampa”.

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    The use of Internet for private investigation is a progress in the right direction. It saves people the stress of traveling long distance before tracing a private investigation agency. With the Internet, one can make contacts with private investigation agencies conveniently. It affords the opportunity to make contacts from the comfort of ones home.

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    Useful Tips on Using Private Investigation

    Most of us have thought of hiring a private investigator at least once in our lives.  Perhaps this is why there is such a high demand for private investigation services all over the world. There are various reasons why you may consider hiring a private investigator.  Whatever your reason may be, there are several ethical rules, precedents and federal laws that govern the process of using private investigation to uncover some information.  Thus both the private detective and the person who is doing the hiring should be aware of these facts.

    8 Things to consider when hiring a private investigator

    The foremost reason for hiring a private investigator is to check up on your spouse for a possible case of cheating or adultery and conduct by cheating spouse investigator. This is the most common usage of a private investigation.  It is used by spouses to see if there is a possible case of cheating.  Especially in divorce cases, using private investigation may become very handy as it will allow both the divorce attorney and the plaintiff to prove their case by gathering evidence and presenting evidence to the court related to the divorce case. While a time consuming and often draining process, a professional will take the burden from your shoulders and do the hard work for you.    Unfortunately, in some states, providing this evidence may be the only way that you can get a divorce for yourself.  Thus most private investigation services are hired by divorce attorneys.

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    Different faces of Private Investigations and Ways To Protect Yourself On The Job

    The Different Faces Of Private Investigation

    If you have a penchant for getting the thrills out of life, private investigation is just the right job for you. Private investigation can be an exhilarating job for those who want to throw out the dregs of boredom from their lives. The beauty about private investigation is that you can’t be restricted to the execution of a singular service if you don’t want to be. The many faces of private investigation provide the private investigation aspirant with several options of cases to investigate. The faces of private investigation are:

    • Homicide: There are some private investigators that specialize strictly in the solving of homicide cases. The high rate of murder crimes has given some private investigators the motivation to venture into solving murder cases. If the sight of dead bodies and blood doesn’t faze you, then homicide may be a branch of private investigation for you.

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